Cypher Connection Showcase

July 24, 2023


45 Min

Main Courtyard, Suzanne Dellal Centre



Versa-Style Ladies featuring Miss Funk, Passion and Divina


Through the art of street dance (Hip Hop, Popping and House dance), “Wings of Light” embarks on a journey in which each Versa-Style lady brings her own LIGHT to fruition. Each artist represents the beautiful yet complex narratives within women in Hip Hop culture. Women in Hip Hop are always united through resilience and strength for one another. We are each other’s wings of light.

Choreography: Miss Funk in collaborations with artists


Versa-Style Dance Company is a non-profit organization founded in 2005 by Miss Funk and Breeze-lee. Versa-Style consists of committed and conscientious Hip Hop artists representing the diversity and beautiful complexity of Los Angeles. Versa-Style seeks to empower underserved and marginalized groups worldwide through the movement and culture of Hip Hop dance by creating groundbreaking concert dance works that represent messages of diversity, inclusion, and equity both on stage and within our communities.

Jackie “Miss Funk” Lopez is a first-generation Latina, Los Angeles native. Jackie graduated from the University of Los Angeles (UCLA) and has been teaching in the Dance Dept for over 10 years.

She is the First Latina Woman to teach and build the Hip Hop curriculum at UCLA and was recognized in Red Bull’s The Bulletin Magazine as “Heroes of the Year 2019”.  Jackie is the Co-Founder of Versa-Style Dance Company, a non-profit Hip Hop organization founded in 2005. Lastly, she has gained respect by entering and judging several prestigious events, such as: Open Styles Judge for Freestyle Session LA & the Popping Judge for Ladies of Hip Hop NYC.

Brianna Grey aka Passion has always loved the arts, from dancing, to singing, to film & photography. Passion has a deep love to authentic Hip Hop, house, and many other different styles within street dance culture. Passion is a professional movement artist of Versa-Style Dance Co. and has had the opportunity to travel & perform all over the USA. Her most recent accomplishment was winning Red Bull’s Dance Your Style in Denver, Colorado in 2023.

Cynthia Hernandez aka Divina is a first generation Mexican-American born and raised in the San Fernando Valley in greater Los Angeles. Growing up in a ״Latinx״ household she was exposed to many different genres of Latinx music and dances. Having a strong connection to her heritage and roots, she found love for Hip Hop dance and culture almost instantly. Cynthia is a professional movement artist of Versa-Style Dance Co., as well as the Artistic Director of Educational programs. Divina has had the opportunity to travel, battle and perform all over the USA, as well as internationally.

photo by George Simien


Synthesis | Singa & Izabella

Exploring the intersection of Hip-Hop, Experimental, Electro and contemporary experience.
A puzzle of concepts, shapes and essences that will take you on a journey through variable genre landscapes.


Timofei Smirnov | SINGA is choreographer, movement director, dancer, teacher.
Professional dancer of multiple styles, such as: Electro, Hip-Hop, Vogue, Experimental.
One of the main figures on the world Electro dance scene.
2 times world champion in solo, 3 times vice world champion in team championships.

Judge, teacher and workshop presenter at the events in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel, countries of Europe and Mexico states.

Since repatriation in Israel in 2022 has already become one of the leaders of the local street dance community. Created own dance laboratory, judged World of Dance Israel, twice presented the country at the world championship and many more achievements in the development of the Israeli street dance scene.

Izabella Grechko is dancer, artist, performer, movement researcher, teacher, one of the dominant female dancers in the Hip-Hop movement and Experimental dance scene in the territories of Russia, Europe and Israel.Presented her style on the world dance scene; participant of the legendary festivals Juste Debout, KOD, Fusion Concept, Open Your Mind and many more.Influencer and trendsetter of street dance scene. Took part in advertising companies for Puma, Red Bull, Adidas Originals, New Balance, Gate 31 and others. Judge, teacher and workshop presenter at the events in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel, and countries of Europe. Since repatriation in 2022 has already become one of the leaders of the local street dance community.

photo by Anastasiya Klinkova


The Five Elements of Vogue Fem | Adva Shani

Dancers: Adva shani, Ori isahar

Music: Bum Bum by Lazy Flow


Adva Shani, dancer, choreographer and dance teacher, one of the Israeli ballroom scene trailblazers and a part of the tlv.ballroom team that brought the Ballroom culture to Israel.

photo from FB page the fine art of ballroom


Lost & Found | Untamed 

The short piece “Lost & Found” is the company’s first joint project – after a year of focusing on solo works.

The piece represents our search as street dancers in the contemporary world – through choreography and movement research. You will experience our way of bringing our art to the stage and remain “untamed”.

Choreography: Hagar Weizman

Dancers: Ofri Shahar, Or Cohen (Popping Light), Daniel Ben Ami (Playa Dee), Yuval Shapira (yuii), Kristina Rom (Kris), Maya (Regini) Hagar (aga). Choreography: Hagar Weizman

Music: Lust – Kendrick Lamar. attached as a file


“Untamed” is a project created to build a non-commercial stage for street dancers. In the last year, the project formed a permanent group of 9 dancers from different styles (Breaking, House, Hip-Hop, Popping and more).

photo by Matan Meirson


The fire comes from the inside | FAYA FAM

Dancers: Shahaf Suliman, Noam Erez, Karni Zukerman, Eden Odles, Numa, Lihie Ayalon, Aviv Mashali, Oneg Azrad, Mich, Noa Shenhav, Yarin Ohana, Lihi itzhak, Sheli Shnidet


Training dance program by Sheli Shnider

The crew exist more than 2 years and works with the most professional teachers and choreographers in israel

We focus on all the hip hop styles, teaching, and working on performance in front of a camera and in general

This crew is a home and a family in our community.

We share our love and passion.

photo by Ellie Polyrock Hadad


SUP | Mor Marcus

Mor Marcus, teacher and choreographer.
Director and producer of conferences and training programs in the field of hip hop and dance.
Owner of the SUP.PROGRAM training program that has existed for over 6 years and hosted hundreds of advanced dancers from all over the country.
Former member of C.O.M band – the first hip hop band in Israel. He has been teaching for over a decade in all the dominant studios in Israel.

photo by Gal Burshtein



Bar Hindi (Aka B-hINDI), Lior Magos (Aka L.M Black), Yarden Edri, (Aka Jordy), Evytar David (Aka Evya)


Big boss rabbit


Peaches & Eggplants

photo by Noam Erez

סרגל נגישות